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Attendee Purchasing

September - October 2021



Upped Events provides software for event owners for an all-in-one event management experience. I was tasked with creating a new section of the attendee app, while still adhering to another intern's previously established design style. 

It includes a checkout process, dropdown menus, confirmation messages, and is fully prototyped. 


Users need a way to order food at events without having to stand in long lines, making them miss parts of the show. Event owners, had previously reported negative user reviews associated with such frustrations, possibly causing attendees not to return the following year.


  • User: Have a quick checkout experience.
  • Upped: Solve problems expressed by event owners.
  • Product: Expand the attendee app in a seamless manner.
Old v new.png

Splash Page

Initially I wanted to model it after apps like Doordash/Postmates with icons indicating a cuisine type. However at events, there may only be a few vendors and they might all be the same type. This encouraged me to look at other ways of presenting the cards, and to try to present as many as possible. The screen I designed also felt out of place within the Attendee App.

After several iteration I was able to make a version that not only looks like it belongs in the attendee app, but also looks far cleaner in terms of visual design. It allows users to look at many vendors at once which helps reduce frustration and the time it takes to place an order.
Old v new1.png

Shop View Page (Recurring Issues)

I started noticing that as a designer, I was afraid of white space in my designs. I was putting harsh drop shadows and big pictures / buttons. The initial design has a lot of these issues, and it was here where I feel like I grew the most as a designer.

I went back and studied visual design fundamentals, and focused more on the information architecture/functionality of my page first rather than on the visual design of it. By doing so I was able to create a far cleaner screen, and push myself as a designer.

I also kept in mind the goal of the user: have a quick checkout experience. By having as many cards on the screen as possible without visual distractions, the user can quickly find the items they want.

i BE

Checkout Process

The entire checkout process only takes up 4 screens, making it quick for users to get through.
Old v new2.png

Order Confirmation

The majority of the issues found in this section were discovered during user testing. My initial design lacks a visual cue to let users know their order actually went through. They also were unable to view their receipt, and users noted that the dismiss button was difficult to tap. 

I redesigned it to address some of these issues, as well as to help fill the screen up a bit more.


Overall user testing went extremely well. Users were able to navigate the flows quickly and with ease, thus completing the User goal presented at the beginning. I was able to complete the Product goal, of expanding the attendee app while maintaining the same style. Lastly, I was able to meet Upped's goal since they will now be able to approach clients with a solution to one of their biggest issue.
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