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July - December 2022



The agents at a top customer of CMT's were no longer selling users the program because even they could not understand the app. The customer was also experiencing high customer service calls, churn, and negative app store reviews because of user frustrations with the app. 


Users did not understand how their 90 day score translated to their discount calculation, as well as what is factored into the score. Their job-to-be-done is to save money on their insurance premium, and so they need to understand how they can improve their driving behavior to get the best discount possible.


  • User: Understand how their discount is calculated and how to improve to get the best discount possible.
  • Customer: See a lift in agent and user understanding of the app.

User Testing - Initial Design

Myself and UXR conducted remote user testing to understand what users' thought processes were, what pages of the app they visited, and what they could explain from the current screens.

Users were confused about how the score correlated to the discount, as well as what went into it, and how they can improve. The information architecture of the discount card is confusing, and users don't know what to look at first. The color coding is also confusing, as users don't know what constitutes a good discount and what doesn't.

Dashboard Redesign

The first thing I did when redesigning the screens was eliminate the two week score, and make the discount the hero of the design. I wanted to make the projected discount obvious, the current discount easy to find, and make it possible for them to learn more. 


We wanted to be transparent with users about how their discount was calculated, how they are doing, and how they can improve. I added in a secondary screen with subscores for each category, so that they can clearly see what they need to do to boost their discount.
Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 1.17.50 PM.png

User/Agent Testing - New Design

We conducted user testing with the new designs, and the customer conducted their own internal testing with the agents. We found that the 8 users tested were able to correctly answer all questions about their discount and how it is calculated.

The customer found similar results amongst their agents, as well as an increased sentiment and attitude towards the new design.


While the customer has not rolled out the update yet, we know through our research and user testing that both agents and customers respond better to the new designs. They also have a higher understanding of how the program works, and what they need to do to get the best discount possible.

Because our ideas were validated through research, we can expect that the customers initial issues of high volumes of customer support calls, negative app store reviews, and lack of agents selling the program, will be reduced.
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