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In-Person Ordering

November - December 2021



Similar to the Attendee Purchasing module I designed, however this is for staff at an event. This would be used for in case attendees do not want to order off of their phones, and instead would rather do it in person.


Staff members need a way to take food orders in case attendees don't want to do it themselves. Because of the event format, they will likely have never interacted with this software before. This means it needs to be extremely easy to pickup and learn to use.


  • User: Be able to use the software quickly/successfully.
  • Product: Redesign the purchasing feature for iPad and iPhone.

Splash Page


Item Page

Most in-person orders will be placed on iPads, so I mainly focused on those designs. My initial design had a navigation bar in mind, however I soon realize I could fit everything on one screen. Doing so would allow staff members who had never used the app, to know that everything they need is all in one place, instead of flipping through screens.

I also added a clear Call to Action, as well as some indicator tags to let staff members know if items are low in stock or out.

Checkout Process - Tablet

I added instructions in multiple screens to help first-time staff members become familiar with the software. It was important for me to keep item descriptions since they might not also be familiar with the menu. It also offers a way for users to input their phone # for rewards, that would have already been associated with their attendee app. Overall I kept the process to only a few screens, and offered multiple ways for users to pay and input their rewards. 
phone version.png

Checkout Process - iPhone

It will be very rare in which in-person ordering will be done on a phone. This would likely be at very small events such as flea markets, where the staff would be the vendor themself. As such, there is less of a need for instructions on the iPhone design.

I also designed a landscape version of every screen just in case people would want to use that as well.
Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 10.48.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 10.48.32 PM.png


Overall this was a fun way to reapproach a previous design of mine. It was a challenge to make this intuitive for someone who had never used it before but I think I did a great job. It was also challenging to make the same designs in tablet, portrait iPhone, and landscape iPhone forms. Both goals were met, as I made very few screens for new users to dig through, and was able to redesign the feature for iPad and iPhone.
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