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Safety / Analytics

January - February 2022



Following the tragic events at Astroworld in late 2021, many event owners began to raise safety concerns about their events. An intern brought up the absence of safety features from Upped's app and I was tasked with creating the entirety of the feature.

This feature somewhat coincides with the analytics feature I had been creating, which allows event owners to get instantaneous user feedback. 


Upped has no way for attendees to report safety concerns, or for event owners to know how attendees are enjoying their events. 


  • User: Be able to quickly report any issue.
  • Event Owners: Get feedback and prevent safety issues.
  • Upped: Prioritize functionality over visual fidelity.

Attendee Safety - Help

The first step for attendees to get help is to identify their issue. My initial design lacked clarity about which buttons should be used in which situations. This could waste time of security on basic issues, while other larger incidents might be occurring.

By adding categories to the right, I made it easier for users to understand how to navigate the issues they might be facing.  

Attendee Safety - Flow

Each frame above represents the result of pressing one of the buttons on the get help screen. Request security immediately begins tracking a guard to you. Report an incident has the option to request security, but is made for less urgent cases and allows you to provide more details. Customer service allows you to give feedback or pose a question, and a representative will follow up with an answer.

Each is designed to be intuitive enough that security lines don't get overrun with irrelevant request, so that attendees can get the immediate help that they need.

Event Owner Safety

The event owner's screens are similar to those of attendees, just with additional privileges. The owner can view open and closed incident reports or dispatch security to a case if it has not been resolved.

They can also message attendees who have reported incidents, message security members about cases, and see a live map of  both current incidents and the location of security members. This way they always know what is happening, and have the option to intervene.

Attendee - Pulse Checks

Pulse checks can be sent by event owners throughout an event to gauge how attendees are feeling. The initial design only allowed attendees to really give feedback for one thing. This caused some confusion. What if they loved food but hated the music? The star ratings also force users to think more rather than instinctively clicking smiley faces. 

With the new design, attendees are more likely to fill out these pulse checks, leading to increased analytics for event owners and a better curated event.

Event Owner - Analytics

Event owners can quickly see feedback on their event, and specific shops. They can read reviews, search for specific words in reviews, as well as use dropdown filters for both analytics and reviews. 

On reviews they can read feedback from users, look at transactions users may be referring to, as well as message the users to resolve any complaints. It provides owners a quick and easy way to have full control over their event. 


Overall I was very pleased with this module. I completed the attendees goal of providing multiple ways to report issues. For event owners, I ensured they would have access to full control of safety issues as well as the ability to get constant feedback from users. I ensured this feedback was as easy as possible to complete so that owners would get as much data as possible. Lastly for Upped, I accomplished the goal of prioritizing functionality over visual fidelity.
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