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Drive Safe & Save Redesign

June - October 2022



As part of a dedicated State Farm team within my company, myself and several other designers were tasked with redesigning State Farm's usage-based insurance app with 4.5 million MAUs. 


Users did not understand how their driving factor subscores translated to their discount calculation, as well as what constitutes a "good score." Their job-to-be-done is to save money on their insurance premium, and so they need to understand how they can improve their driving behavior to get the best discount possible.


  • User: Understand how their score is calculated and how to improve to get the best discount possible.
  • State Farm: Solve problems expressed by app reviews.

Breaking Up The Two-Week Score

Users were confused about how the two-week score translated to their discount, what went into the score, as well as what defined a good score.

We took out the two week score and replaced it with individual scores based on the driving factors. We also added verbiage that tells the user how they are doing. Lastly, we moved the trips/miles to its own card, so that users did not falsely correlate this to their scores.

Help Users Improve

By adding in various driving tips, as well as clear definitions of what each factor is and how it contributes to the discount, the user will now have a clearer idea of how they can change their driving behavior to increase their overall discount.


Overall State Farm has seen a significant reduction in calls surrounding confusion around discounts.
The redesign has led to a 14 point rise in NPS score as negative app store reviews were reduced.
Through their internal testing, State Farm has seen an improvement in how users are performing in the app.

The redesign saw an 8% reduction in churn as well as a 7% increase in retention.

Currently, the DSS App has over 5.5 million users and the design changes are projected to have a ~38% increase in MAUs by the end of the year.
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